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About Rudraksh Engicon

Established in 2003, Rudraksh Engicon is now the leading supplier, consultant and liasonor of international construction equipment in the Delhi & NCR & North India. It has achieved rapid growth through market focus and an intense knowledge of the Indian market. We focus on quality and independence from competitor’s pressures and are why Rudraksh Engicon enjoys a loyal leadership which is the foundation of long-term success for us. With years experience we offer the full spectrum of services in India market of heavy cranes and heavy machinery from sale to erection and commissioning.

Rudraksh Engicon is a diversified consultant house that delivers just in time service in whatever format the market demands. Using its strong market-leading connections and reputation, Rudraksh Engicon has expanded into various diversified industries and construction companies and provides cranes ranging from 12MT to 800MT capacity of hydraulic tyre mounted or crawler cranes.

Rudraksh Engicon is a recognized leader in heavy lifting and engineered transport. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, we offer our customers creative solutions to today's heavy lift and transport challenges. Our success lies in its entrepreneurial spirit; "Nothing too heavy, nothing too high!"

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